Addressing Issues Affecting Women's Health

Health With Hood

Doctors are not immune to life!  I used to think they were.  "Once I become a doctor, I will be happy and my life will be fulfilled!"  Boy was I wrong!!!  Like you, there are hardships, disappointments, stress, fatigue, aggravation, health issues.  My dogs die too.  My children get sick like everyone else's.  Even my husband gets sick.  He spent a year in bed with an illness that I could not figure out nor could MANY of my colleagues.  It was scary.  He lost a lot of weight, and at one point, I was actually planning his funeral.  He miraculously got better!  I do believe it was due to the many prayers of people who supported and loved us.  It's events like these that take a toll on us.  They shape and change us.  They strengthen our faith or shake it.  They grow us and make us strong all the while we are falling apart or over drinking or over eating or all the things we do just to cope.  All these things affect our health mentally and physically.

In my practice, I have met many wonderful and inspiring women.  I hope to share some of their stories, but that's for another time.  One of my favorite patients is named Sarah.  She's young but full of wisdom.  She's been through a lot already.  One day, she brought me a journal.  She had no idea that I love journals.  I like to write just to get things out of my head.  On the front of this journal it read, "Enjoy the Ride" with a cute little bike under the words.  I had not been enjoying my journey at all.  I had gotten to the point that life was no longer fun.  My mental and physical health was suffering.  I had no dreams or desires.  I "checked out" regularly binge watching TV, staying engrossed online or on Facebook, or eating.  I love a nice glass of wine, but I am fortunate that too much hurts my stomach.  I think I would have easily become an alcoholic.  I may have been physically present with my family, but I was not really there.  This journal prompted me to write again.  It prompted me to wonder about life again and to begin to seek information that would change my mindset, that would bring me joy again, that would cause me to dream again, that would improve my health.

I am trained in medicine.  I have many years of education and experience.  However, I do not know everything and will never stop seeking and learning.  "My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge" is from Hosea 4:6.  I know that God specifically meant knowledge of His word and His will.  I do think He puts individuals in our lives to help us find His will.  It may be a book, a video, a meme, etc.  During my quest for more knowledge to improve my health and life, I read self help books, diet books, cook books, faith based books.  I've taken alternative medicine and functional medicine classes, additional medical classes, faith based classes.  I've watched lots of YouTube videos and listened to many different podcasts.  I've tried many things during my journey.  Some things worked; others, not so much.  Some of it has been interesting and at times, comical.  I want to share what I've learned in hopes that it can help you achieve a healthier life.  Join me.  My hope for you is that it will be both educational and entertaining!!!