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10 Ways to Help You Fight COVID 19

Hello, all! I received this recording from a number of people today. I decided to transcribe it and post it here. This was a recording by a lady that received these instructions from their local physician in Spain. I have inserted my own comments in [ ].

“The Chinese now understand the behavior of the COVID19 virus thanks to autopsies that they have carried out. This virus is carried out by obstructing respiratory pathways with thick mucus that solidifies and blocks the airways and lungs. [hydroxychloroquine or chloroquine may help reduce these secretions; due to these secretions, bacteria can get blocked within the lungs and cause secondary bacterial pneumonia, which is why azithromycin may be helpful.] They have discovered that to apply a medicine, you have to open these airways so that the treatment can be used to take effect. However, all of this takes a number of days to accomplish. Some recommendations you can use to help protect yourself are as follows:

"1. Drink lots of hot liquids, coffee’s soups, teas, warm water. Take a sip of warm water every 20 minutes because this keeps your mouth moist and washes any virus that has entered the mouth into the stomach where the gastric juices neutralize the virus before it can get to the lungs. [Keeping your GI health intact is important. It is your body’s first line of defense. I have written about the gut previously.]

2. Gargle with an antiseptic in warm water, like vinegar or salt or lemon, every day if possible. [Gargling stimulates the vagus nerve. This is the nerve to the GI tract. Stimulation of this nerve improves digestion and motility of the GI tract. It will move waste through the GI tract, not allowing it to sit and be reabsorbed by the body, as in the case of constipation.]

3. The virus attaches itself to hair and clothes. Any detergent or soap kills it, but you must take a bath or shower when you get in from the street. Avoid sitting down anywhere and go straight to the bathroom or shower. If you cannot wash your clothes daily, hang them in direct sunlight which will also neutralize the virus.

4. Wash metallic surfaces very carefully because the virus can live on them for up to 9 days. [I have seen 3 days in official literature.] Take note and be vigilant about touching handrails and door handles, etc. Within your own house, keep these clean and wipe them down regularly.

5. Don’t smoke.

6. Wash your hands every 20 minutes using any soap that foams. Do this for 20 seconds and wash your hands thoroughly. [I would try to do this regularly when out and about, like at work.]

7. Eat fruits and vegetables. Try to elevate your zinc levels, not just your vitamin C levels. [Zinc 30-60mg daily. I haven’t seen any high dose recommendations yet, but if I do, I will post. Vitamin C 500mg every 4 hours while awake. Vitamin D 5000IU minimum daily.]

8. Animals do not spread the virus to people. It’s person to person transmission. [A bat may have been where the first transmission occurred. However, the virus has mutated to be person to person now. Do not get rid of your pets.]

9. Try to avoid getting the common flu because this will weaken your system, and try to avoid eating and drinking cold things.

10. If you feel any discomfort in your throat or a sore throat coming on, attack it immediately using the above methods. The virus enters the system this way and remains this way for 3-4 days within the throat before it passes to the lungs. [Reports are saying that the virus causes pulmonary symptoms on about day 5 of the infection.]”

This posting is not to induce fear. This is to give you ideas and options for selfcare. Please use your wisdom at this time in our country. If you feel you need help or have medical questions and would like a virtual appointment, you can go to my website at There is an enrollment form to complete and a place to enter your payment information. It is only a onetime charge of $50 for the visit for patients not on a Plan with me. For Plan patients, this visit is free. Once you complete the enrollment form, someone will be in touch with you; you will be sent a link via email and a time to connect virtually for your visit. It will be helpful for you to know your temperature and pulse (how many times your heart beats in 60 seconds). If you have a home blood pressure cuff, a blood pressure reading would be helpful also. I can listen to your symptoms and ask questions to determine what is going on and what treatment will be best for you. This visit is available to both men and women. Thank you and stay safe!

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