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So, What Do I Know?!?!?

Updated: Dec 2, 2019

Despite knowing what I thought was a lot, I realized there was so much more!!!

Well, I did it! I became something that most women do not ever really want to become, let alone admit to it!!! I became a fat girl! Now, please do not take offense to that. I use that term lovingly. I am a wonderfully, funny, sassy, smart, and engaging fat girl, but it's probably not a descriptor that benefits me in my life or job or health. You see, for those of you who don't know me, I'm a doctor. Whaaaat?!?! Yep! That's right! I'm an OB/GYN for the past 20 years of my life, and you know what else?!?!? I didn't get fat until I went to medical school!

Medical school was the stressor, the trigger, that made me want to eat my troubles away. Food was my comfort and my vacation at times when I could not take vacations. It was also my reward and later became my punishment. Over the years, I tried so many diets. I learned a great deal from all those diets. One, anything works if you do it long enough. Two, my body loves protein. I do not do well on vegetarian diets. Three, losing weight is a mental game.

I've done fat free, low carb, calorie counting, Weight Watchers food exchange plan, Weight Watchers points system, Keto, Paleo, Trim Healthy Mama, Jenny Craig, Nutrasystem, phen-phen, phentermine by itself, HCG diet, body for life, beach body programs, and metabolic weight loss. I actually did very well on metabolic weight loss. I think because it was high protein with small amounts of carb and focused on real food. However, when life became stressful, I would attach myself back to the feedbag, eating all the foods that got me fat to begin with.

I wondered "what is wrong with me?" "Why can't I just be normal and eat like everyone else?" I would wonder if my hormones were off or was it my birth control pills making have cravings. Maybe it's my thyroid. I must have terrible genes. Nope! None of that. My labs were always normal. It was only after I discovered a podcast called "Losing 100 Pounds with Phit-N-Phat" that I came to except the facts. Fact is, I had been using food to cope, escape, comfort myself, celebrate, and bring joy for a very long time. I actually started it long before I went to medical school. I didn't turn to food as much prior to med school, and when I did turn to food, I could "get away" with it because I was younger and more active.

Corrine Crabtree is the host of the podcast. She is a trained Master Weight Loss Coach. She has a fabulous "pull myself up by the bootstraps" story in which she has lost 100 pounds and has kept it off 14+ years. She is real. She makes sense. She's tough when she needs to be, and she cusses! Don't listen to her if you don't like cussing! I cannot imagine her coaching without it. When I'm having my pitty parties, she's there firmly coaching me to quit playing in my dookie diaper, make my plan, and follow it.

She talks about the four basics which are get sleep, drink water, make your plan each day, and follow it! She teaches you to learn what feeling satisfied is and when to stop eating. We have to learn to be ok with throwing food away. We have to learn to be ok with being sad, rejected, upset, all the feelings. We try so hard not to feel bad in society. We've been taught that we have to make ourselves or others feel better rather than allowing ourselves to just process the feelings and situations and to learn from them.

Women working her program lose weight! She teaches the mental mindset around weight. Toxic thoughts that generate feelings that lead to unhealthy actions. She has a free program with a Facebook page for whom she calls her "groupies." I went ahead and did her paid membership. I joined her "tribe." She actually does individual coaching in her membership group called the PNP Tribe, and she has the group staffed with other coaches that are regularly available. She has put together excellent course material. I have learned way more than just what I takes to lose weight. I have learned how to take my thoughts captive, separate the fact from the feeling/fiction, and create healthier actions for life and weight loss.

I'm not saying that the only way to lose weight is to sign up with Corrine and PNP. I am saying that through trial and error, figure out what works for you. Many do Keto, no sugar/no flour, vegetarian lifestyle, etc. There's no right or wrong way to eat. I do believe that eating real food, you know, the food that God made, that grows on trees, vines, in the ground or grazes in pastures is the best food. No FrankenFood!!! Our bodies don't handle it well. A 100 calories of avocado is utilized better by the body than 100 calories of donut. I also believe it's 90% what you eat and 10% what you do, and if you gained it, you ate it. Sorry, there is no magic pill, formula, program, drink, exercise that can undo what we eat, and we ultimately have that control.

Now days, when I over eat, I do it because I just like it and want the food. This is my next area of focus. I rarely eat because of a situation or feeling. I've lost 30 pounds with Corrine and my PNP sisters. I had hoped it would have been 80 pounds by now, but the mental weight I've lost has been tremendous. I'm in a very uncertain and uncomfortable time in my life. I would have gained everything back and then some with my old mindset and ways of doing things. However, not this time. I'm continuing to press forward in my journey. I'm trying to have my best life now, not "when I get skinny." I've learned to love myself now, not "when I look better." Everyday, there's something to learn, something to practice, something to get better at. I'm going to look for those things, and I'm going to "enjoy MY ride" now!

Disclaimer: While I am a doctor, I am not your doctor. The information in this blog post is for information and entertainment purposes only and are not intended as medical advice!

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